What Climate Crisis means

I can not describe well what truly climate crisis means and what are the effects. I know only that air temperature is getting hotter than it was when I was a child. Some literature said that carbon emission produced massively and it traps the sun’s heat flow out into outer space. It has various impacts on some areas of the earth. Some experienced long-term drought, big flood, wood fire, and so on

However, I find that almost all people have a fan or Air Conditioner (AC) in their house nowadays, they stay either in urban or rural areas. Some people might say that this occurred due to purchasing power of society has been increased. But personally, I feel the temperature is hotter in many places I ever visited include in my village. When I was a kid, I seldom turn on our fan. But now, I always do it, almost 24 hours per day. When I was a kid, the closest mosque does not need a fan to make the room temperature cooler. Even though, currently, my parent’s house and the mosque still surrounded by many trees.

I just knew that climate crisis impact can not be immediately felt all at once and evenly. Logically, some people are more aware and suffer due to this crisis comparing with others. Ironically when the earth is becoming hotter, people deal with it by using a fan or AC. The problems seem like being solved. It is like a little problem and they are not interested to wonder why this happened. I just worry the problem comes up in the worst and we are late to recognize and prepare to face it.